All Diaspora Youth Conference Preliminary North American Meeting

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All Diaspora Youth Conference Preliminary North American Meeting

All Diaspora Youth Conference Preliminary North American Meeting

Meeting Notes May 31, 2024

All Diaspora Conference

  • The first international All Diaspora Conference happened in 1972 in CANADA.
  • Theme of the conference this year is Preserving our Orthodox Identity and Heritage in the Diaspora.
  • Focus on the topic of orthodox identity and who we are, and how ROCOR plays into this.
  • Discuss our participation in the church and why it is important.
  • All will meet in person on June 25th.
  • Programs planned out by different groups are part of the conference: important for participants to come up with programs that can be used in their own parishes that reflect the topic of orthodox identities.
  • Guest speakers and speeches will be in 3 languages: Russian, English, and German (full simultaneous translations live).
  • Lots of different speakers.
  • 2 orthodox psychologists will be speaking on the understanding of orthodoxy, our faith, and how we can personally understand different situations in our modern world.
  • Divided the entire group of 130 participants into 10 groups - each group is very mixed country-wise. Groups will work together to develop a program and present at the end of the conference. Presentations will be recorded for people to watch live or rewatch later. Presentations are part of the group assignment. Each group has a leader, clergy can assist with program ideas (some examples: connecting older and younger generations, how to develop new parish school programs that would help other parishioners understand traditions). Big focus on setting up such programs in the churches of the group members.


Tuesday, June 25: BE IN STUTTGART

  • 2 meeting spots (train station and airport in Stuttgart).
  • Local German Youth diocese and committee members at all pickup locations will be available for help.
  • Retreat is 1 hour away from Stuttgart, WE HAVE TO MEET AT PICKUP LOCATIONS ON TIME to catch the bus (15:00-15:30 bus pickup time). PLEASE FILL OUT THE QUESTIONNAIRE so arrangements can be made.
  • Opening conference, moleben remarks, etc.

Wednesday, June 26

  • Morning: WORK SESSION :) First lecture, food, free time, afternoon we start our masterclass workshops. Evening Wednesday will be semiformal social cultural evening :))))))) Playlists are welcomed, please share and participate :) DRESS NICE BRING NICE CLOTHES!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 27: Field trip day (cultural aspect YAY!)

  • We will be traveling to different churches in Germany, 2.5-3 hours away from where we are staying. Be ready for incredible architecture, lunch will be there, FREE TIME, able to catch a dinner.

Friday, June 28

  • Work schedule of meeting with orthodox psychologist, workshop, and 2 hours of FREE TIME. Dinner Friday, presentations START FRIDAY EVENING !!!!!!!!! Preparing for service Saturday on Friday evening, AKATHIST evening everyone sings. IF YOU WANT TO SING YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED NOTES.

Saturday, June 29

  • Liturgy, then presentations continue. 8 minutes per presentation. Evening late afternoon - Departure to Stuttgart, visit St. Nicholas parish and attend Vigil service. Free time after VIGIL = free time to explore!!!! Church is in the city so not too far. Evening after dinner we all go back to retreat after dinner.

Sunday, June 30

  • Morning will be a challenge for some, we depart to Munich, to get to the main cathedral, 3 hours away. 10 AM be there so have to leave early, but afterwards Lunch at the cathedral and visit a catholic monastery that is an active brewery, we will be having a tour and dinner at the brewery. Then we go back to retreat area for free time and FIRE.

Monday, July 1

  • Morning closing of the conference, everyone gets driven back to Stuttgart train or airport.


  • Giving the option to go to confession before the pilgrimage (discuss with your own Spiritual Father). Some clergy will be ready to give confession to whoever wants to do it.


  • Notes and videos have been sent out, PLEASE CHECK EMAIL AND LISTEN TO MUSIC! Keep checking for more information and additional music! Reach out to Nikolai if you have questions!!

Make sure you are on TELEGRAM :)

If you are trying to be in the Altar, make sure you bring your own стихарь, gold colored.