All Diaspora Youth Conference Workshop Guidance

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All Diaspora Youth Conference Workshop Guidance

All Diaspora Youth Conference Workshop Guidance

XIV All Diaspora Orthodox Youth Conference

XIV всезарубежный православный молодежный съезд

“Preserving our Orthodox identity and heritage in the Diaspora”.


Conference participants have been coordinated into groups. During the conference, all participants have been coordinated into groups and will have to come up with programs on the topic of “Preserving our Orthodox identity and heritage in the Diaspora” that in practice could be used on diocese/parish level. There is a group leader assigned to each group that will help to make sure the groups are heading in the right directions, or simply to help them get going in designing a program.


To come up with a program to better understand Orthodox identity. Each group will be expected to come up with a presentation consisting of a detailed plan for a program. Presentations should be 8-10 minutes each in a PowerPoint presentation format. Program presentations must include a full text explanation of implementation including any needed budgets which will be submitted to the judging panel for future publication. Programs will be presented by the groups to a panel at the end of the conference Friday, June 17.

The purpose of this type of activity is to develop interest in preserving the church heritage through the creation of youth projects as well as to help young people realize the important role of Orthodox identity in their spiritual life and their life in the Church. We use this model of work as a developing mental activity and demonstrating how the use of the talents and abilities of young people can help attract the attention of others to the Church and spiritual values in practical and spiritual terms.

Possible Topic Programs:

  • Program of youth excursions to holy places
  • Creating a curriculum for a parish school
  • Creating a program for young families - transferring the experience of Orthodoxy from the older generation to the younger
  • Plan to create an Orthodox/cultural festival
  • Creating measures to deepen understanding and participation in the Liturgy
  • Program of acquaintance with outstanding personalities of the ROCOR of the 20-21st centuries.
  • Social network program - notice board for different parishes
  • Creation of an after-school Orthodox program
  • Creation of a resource center for the poor, elderly, and children
  • Project to unite the youth of the diocese
  • Other ideas aimed at preserving Orthodox identity in your local or international parish environment

The presentation should include the following elements: project topic and title, goals/objectives, budget, and how you plan to implement the project. You will be given a Project Creation Chart to assist you and guide you. [