⭐ Announcement - All Diaspora Orthodox Youth Conference 2024

Prince Vladimir Youth Association
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⭐ Announcement - All Diaspora Orthodox Youth Conference 2024

⭐ Announcement - All Diaspora Orthodox Youth Conference 2024

All Diaspora Youth Conference 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters, welcome to the registration form for the XIV. All Diaspora Orthodox Youth Conference 2024! Please note that participants must be 18 to 25 years old. Participants need a blessing to participate from their confessor/priest at the parish. This event is jointly organized by “Prince Vladimir Youth Association” (PVYA) and “Russische Orthodoxe Jugend in Deutschland e.V.” (Russian Orthodox Youth in Germany, inc.: ROJ DE e.V.). You can contact the organizers via e-mail: zentrale@roj-deutschland.de


Conference begins at noon, Tuesday, June 25th and ends on Monday, July 1st, 2024. Registration is due February 1st, 2024. After your registration, we will check it ASAAP and send you a confirmation, including the payment and arrival details.


The conference takes place in Germany at Michelsberg Meetings Centre which is ca. 65 km away from Stuttgart. This would be our residence for the whole duration of the event. Important: there will be organized transportation from Stuttgart airport and from Stuttgart main Railway Station to Michelsberg.

Address: 73337 Bad Überkingen, Region Stuttgart

Website: https://www.bt-michelsberg.de/


Price: 200 USD/EUR

Upon registering, you will receive an additional payment information (to the bank account or paypal)