Board of Directors of The Prince Vladimir Youth Association

V.Rev. Andrei Sommer

Chairman and co-founder of The Prince Vladimir Youth Association

Chairman and co-founder of The Prince Vladimir Youth Association, born 1966 in San Francisco, CA USA.

Bachelor degree of Theology from Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary.

Currently residing in NYC. Vice-Chairman of the Synod of Bishops Youth Department. Chief administrator of All-Diaspora youth conferences in: Chicago 1999, Paris 2011, San Francisco 2014.

Guest speaker of opening ceremonies of the 16th annual Nativity Readings, Kremlin Moscow, Russia – 2008

Author of book on youth work “From West to East”. Published 2012

Eli Shikaloff

Vice President and Secretary

Eli Shikaloff cofounded the Prince Vladimir Youth Association and currently serves as its Vice President and Secretary.  Eli has been involved in Russian Youth projects and exchanges for over five years and seeks to spread his enthusiasm for Russian culture and charitable work to youth across the United States and the world.  Eli is a native San Franciscan and works as a Construction Claims Analyst for Swinerton Incorporated.  Eli graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Environmental Science and Russian Studies.

Sergey Brushtein

Treasurer for the Prince Vladimir Youth Association

Sergey Brushtein, a cofounding member of, and a treasurer for the Prince Vladimir Youth Association, was born in 1986 in the Soviet Union. At age 6 he moved with family to Israel, and later at age 12 to the United States of America. Serge graduated the G.W. Hewlett High School, and went on to study finance and statistics at the NYU Stern School of Business. In 2009 Serge graduated with a bachelor’s of science. After Graduating Serge worked for an investment firm in NYC. Currently Serge resides in Buffalo NY, and is pursuing a profession in Civil Engineering.